Pray with Passion

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PRAY WITH PASSION Daniel 2:13-23,27-28a King Nebuchadnezzar had a distressing dream and was looking for an interpretation. He put all the wise men to a test. Not only did he want them to interpret the dream, but he also wanted them to tell him what the dream originally was.The sun rises and falls. The seasons change. All these things happen in cycles that God set up and maintains because He is faithful. His faithfulness reminds us that what God promises, He will make good. We all have room to grow in our vision of God. But if we grasp our own needs and seek to grasp the immensity of God, we'll find a prayer life that's more passionate day by day. Daniel saved the lives of every advisor and Astrologer.The Evil One is willing to sacrifice all his false prophets in the city of Babylon if he can destroy four of God's faithful servants. Satan's servants are expendable, but the Lord cares for His people.
Our prayers can make a difference.

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Duration 36:28
Date Sep 10, 2023
Category Sunday School
Bible Text Daniel 2:13-28
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