Believing Jesus' Divine Power

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Theme: Many Will Not Believe the Evidence of Jesus' Divine Power.
I. Every Idle Word will Come into Judgment - vv. 31-37
A. Good Fruits Come from Good People - vv. 33-35
B. Every Idle Word will Come Into Judgment - vv. 36-37
II. Jesus Warns of the Danger of Seeking Signs and Wonders to Believe - vv. 38-45
A. The Scribes and Pharisees "Want" a Sign - vv. 38-40
B. The Danger of Not Believing Christ - vv. 41-42
C. The Danger of Returning Evil Spirits - vv. 43-45
III. Those Who Believe and Obey Christ are His Closest Relations - vv. 46-50
A. Jesus' Mother and Brothers Seek to Silence Him - vv. 46-47
B. The Closest Relationship to Christ is Those who Believe and Obey Him - vv. 48-50

Sermon ID 9102318134615
Duration 27:57
Date Sep 10, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Matthew 12:33-50
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