Prayer Is The Other Part Of Revival

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Brothers and Sisters in the Lord:
If you want revival, you have to read the Word of God and know what needs to be done. This has been proven every time there has been Christian revival. That's what the Jews did: They read the Word and they started to obey. But what about their past sins? How would they deal with them? Their sins couldn't just disappear! They could not deal with them as false religions: Give money to the poor…beat themselves on the back…or as it common today…bury the memory of their sins. No! None of these things was acceptable to a just God. Rather, they needed to confess their sins… And after confession, with their relationship restored with God, they had to then begin to praise him. This is the other part of revival. This is what you will hear about.

Our headings are:

  1. Preparation for their Prayer
  2. Confession of their Prayer
  3. Adoration of their Prayer

Our goals:
That you will be encouraged to pray acknowledging your sins, asking for help, and adoring your wonderful Savior.

Sermon ID 910231623105511
Duration 35:08
Date Sep 10, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Nehemiah 9:1-5
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