Abram: No Sort of Hero

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  • No one can stand against the God who is for us -- not even US
  • The point is not to study the life of Abraham, but to point to God and to Christ Who ran the race perfectly
  • Abram's Flight (v. 10)
  • Abram's Fear & Folly (v. 11-13)
  • Fear (v. 11-12) - Abram says nothing about God. He is focused on his fear that Egyptians will kill him to get Sarai, his stunningly beautiful wife
  • Folly (v. 13)
  • His plan: lie & say you're my sister -- Sarai has no standing/right to disagree
  • Abram's fear may not be unfounded, but his plan shows no faith (trust) in God
  • Abram's Fiasco (v. 14-15)
  • The final time Abram speaks in this story is when he tells Sarai to lie
  • In Ancient Near East culture, wealth is measured by the size of your flocks & number of servants
  • Sarai is property to be bought & sold; the lusting king gets the girl; the cowardly husband gets rich because of her
  • However foolish we may be, God is not thwarted
  • BUT GOD (v. 17)
  • Sarai is called by name only twice in this passage
  • God is the only One Who protects Sarai
  • God is affirming His promises to Abram, despite Abram's folly
  • Nothing will stand in the way of God's promises -- God is the Hero
  • Abram's Felony (v. 18-20)
  • See God's GRACE -- He protects Abram & Sarai, enriching Abram through Pharaoh, though Abram deserved none of it
  • God is on display, stepping in exactly where, when, and how needed to further His plan
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Duration 55:36
Date Sep 10, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Genesis 12:10-20
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