Proverbs 8:30-31 devotional


Proverbs 8:30-31 Devotional When we think about the things that bring delight to God, we often immediately focus our attention on external things- what we can see or feel. Yet the Bible tells us that God delights in wisdom, and that same delight is available to us. The things in which we delight tell us clearly what things we love. When we find it difficult to focus on reading the word or hearing it preached and taught, we are revealing that our delight is not in the things of God. He has made so much available to us, and it is a tragedy if we miss out on what delights God.After leading her audience through a description of God's magnificent and mind-boggling work in creation, wisdom makes a grand proclamation. Wisdom was not only present for creation but also active in the creation itself in v.30. .Of all God's wonders, His mighty power and His unfathomable wisdom, demonstrated in creation, His greatest cause for rejoicing is revealed in v. 31. The creation of the human race and the preparation of the world for their habitation. People delight in the spectacular marvels of God's creative work, but God delights in people.MAKE SURE THAT THE THINGS THAT DELIGHT GOD ARE A DELIGHT YO YOU AS WELL.

Aug 7, 2021
Proverbs 8
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