Manipulating God’s Word

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Worldview warfare is about gaining power to control, to make the rules about how we will live, and to prevent competing worldview opponents from gaining power. The power to control what rules and laws we live by is at the heart of understanding our times.
How do we compete in a world torn by competing worldviews and ruled by Satan? With proclamation and demonstration of truth, the values and message of Christ, and the Gospel message. Other worldview proponents will use persuasion as well, but only when it suits their end goal. They are not bound by truth and honesty. They will resort to any means of manipulating information to control the decisions others make.

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00:00 Humanistic Worldview Goals
03:18 Competing Worldviews
12:22 Denounce Satan Not Christ
15:12 Using Truth To Compete
16:25 Responses And Agendas of Worldviews
22:52 Seizing The Moment For God's Worldview
26:58 Manipulation Of Information
32:49 The Manipulations Of Worldview Narratives

Sermon ID 872331934788
Duration 39:18
Date Aug 6, 2023
Category Teaching
Bible Text 1 Chronicles 12:32; John 8:44
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