Trouble, Tears, and Total Peace

Featured on Apr 3, 2009

This message was given by Pastor Jonathan Stobbs as he continued his new series in the evenings looking at the book of 1 Samuel.
What is your approach to prayer? How do you pray? How often? Is it a duty rather than a delight? At the beginning of this important book we are brought to a very emotional situation. Hannah's plight is underlined, and the difficulty of her barrenness causes her much sadness. Yet,in our total inability, God tends to make this His starting point to do His work. Our complete hopelessness and helplessness are no restraint on His work. This is certainly the case for Hannah. We can learn so much from this real event, especially when we consider Hannah's approach before the throne of grace. She comes to the Lord with a heavy heart, yet she leaves with peace and assurance. The Lord truly is gracious and compassionate and cares for His people. In this message Pastor Stobbs delivers both an encouraging and challenging message that should moves us to cast ourselves on the Lord.

Jul 27, 2008
Sunday - PM
1 Samuel 1:1-18
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