The Saviour of others

'He saved others; himself he cannot save.' The unbelieving admission and intended insult of the chief priests and scribes came so close to the heart of the gospel. They saw only shame and weakness when Christ was crucified, and taunted him with his apparent inability to come down off the cross.

Yet our Lord could have done so. He could have delivered himself, yet - as the unintended declaration of his enemies suggests - had he done so, he could not have saved his people.

The battle had, in one sense, been fought and won in Gethsemane, when Christ, knowing that he had come to give his life a ransom for many, submitted to the will of his Father.

It was not weakness that kept him on the cross, but power, demonstrated in fervent love for his people and his Father, a determination to do the will of the Father in saving his people from their sins.

Here is Christ crucified, the power of God to salvation.

Aug 5, 2007
Sunday - PM
Mark 15:31; Matthew 26:53-54
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