God's Leading of Joseph


We see in this passage what happens to brotherly love when the heart is unchecked and unguarded. Joseph's brothers were envious of him, and their envy developed into hatred, and their hatred developed into a conspiracy to murder the one that they should have loved. They forgot that God was watching, and that He would judge. They could conceal their sins from other men, and they could even lie about it to their father. But they could not conceal it from God. So the question that I would like to set before you this morning is this – How does God show His sovereign power over the acts of Joseph's sinful brothers? How did He lead Joseph in these dangerous and difficult situations. God was not impotent in this whole affair. Perhaps we might think that God was simply standing by as a watcher while these things were happening. But this was not the case. I want to assert to you that God was exercising His great sovereign power to lead Joseph even when Joseph's brothers were at their worst, and doing their worst. So, at this hour, we want to think about this truth: That God will be your keeper, when and if evil men conspire against you. God shows his sovereign power over all the acts of Joseph's sinful brothers in the following ways.

Aug 5, 2019
Sunday - AM
Genesis 37:12-36
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