Overcoming Bitterness


This audio recording is a response to questions from two listeners in Liberia: Dear Radio Broadcasters,
For some time now, I have been down with shame, bitterness, and discouragement since my childhood.

All through my childhood l lived with my step mother, who abused me and said I will never be anybody in life. She even took a hot iron and placed it on my manhood. Had it not been for neighbors who were around, I would have died. My father did not do anything about this. One of my aunts came for me to live with her, my late mother's sister. There I live and graduated from high school and am currently in college.

I am a Christian but I have this bitterness in my heart for this woman. Worst of all she attend same church as I. She has never told me sorry for all she did to me. Our pastor have told her to do so, she still does not.

Because of her and what she did I have left the church, sit home on Sunday and listen to radio. I am sending this message to the radio number to get help. Should I find another church or go back to the same church?

Dear Radio Broadcasters,
Why should I forgive a man who I saw with my own eyes killed my parents during the civil war and not only that but ate their bodies with his rebel fighters because they work for the government of the late Samuel Doe. Should I do this because I am a Christian?

It too high [of a requirement] to accept. I need help from anyone out there. I am texting the studio line number announced by the announcer. The sad thing is this guy wants to marry one of my nieces who love him so much as she was out of the country during the civil war and just return home exile. What shall I do?

Aug 3, 2017
Question & Answer
Ephesians 4:26-32
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