How to Clear the Air and Define Terms in Theological Debate - Tongues and Prophecy


Controversies within Christianity carry on for various reasons, usually to test our maturity in faith, our love, our knowledge of the Word, and our wisdom in communication. The question of tongues and prophecy provide something of a division today. Knowledge of church history and the range of views within orthodoxy is critical. Also, one must clarify the terms. Sometimes we miss each other because we are miscommunicating on the terms themselves. There may be bonafide differences of interpretation, but at the least, all of us should define our terms first. This is what we do in this discussion on special insight vs. enscripturated revelation. This lays out some of the broad principles to consider before coming down on one side or another on the matter of tongues and prophecy.

Aug 30, 2022
Radio Broadcast
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