Acts 15.12-41 All things for good


The elders in Jerusalem send Barsabbas and Silas back to Antioch along with Paul and Barnabus with a letter instructing them to accept Gentiles freely into the body.

After they return to Antioch, Silas decides to remain in Antioch while the others from Jerusalem return. Paul is led to return to the places he visited on his missionary journey with Barnabus. Barnabus wants Paul to take John Mark with him, but Paul is vehemently against the idea and ends up taking Silas with him rather than Barnabus. Barnabus goes on to Cyprus, taking Mark with him, while Paul and Silas go back to Pisidia and onwards to other parts of Asia Minor.

There is a great lesson here. God always works everything for good to those who love HIm and are called to do God's work. Barnabus restores Mark who later goes on to write the gospel of Mark and becomes very close to Peter. At the same time, Paul recognizes his own need to forgive others and ends up working even better with Silas than he did with Barnabus.

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Date Aug 29, 2021
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Bible Text Acts 15:12-41
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