The Kingdom of God


This sermon was from the archives of Dr. Palmer's son who is an elder at Ocean View CRC. The actual date of the sermon is uncertain.

Dr. Edwin Palmer (1922-1980) was the executive secretary of the committee on Bible translation which meant that he was the coordinator of all translation work on the New International Version (NIV) and he was the first general editor of the NIV study bible. He also wrote "The Five Points of Calvinism" and "The Holy Spirit". He pastored several congregations and loved to preach God's Word. He would preach without notes, the Bible in one hand, and the other hand used for emphasis. These recordings are from cassette tapes made more than thirty years ago, so the quality is not perfect. But the content is easy to understand, and well worth the effort to hear God's Word faithfully proclaimed.

Sermon ID 829151234468
Duration 38:37
Date Jan 7, 1979
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Matthew 6:5-15
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