Greatness, Authority & Privilege

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The world sees authority and privilege as a bad thing that should be removed. It think that those who possess either authority or privilege should be stripped of them, demonized and punished; for we live in an age where privilege is equated to race and made to be a vile thing… but scripture paints a different picture. Scripture attaches privilege to the pleasure of God in choosing a people ( and remember that it is from every tribe, tongue and nation) and in giving immense privilege to that people so that they may display the greatness of their God, to declare the wonders of His love and to care for all those who have been placed under their authority. In the world according to God, greatness is in serving, authority is derived from the greater and privilege is always centered around love and the sharing of God's glory.

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Duration 55:06
Date Aug 27, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Hebrews 7:4-5
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