The Power To Deceive

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Like Jesus, attempts are made every day to discredit the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, the Biblical worldview, and the messengers of His truth. Unfortunately, many of His messengers discredit themselves without any help by saying they believe in Christ but living like they do not.
We live in a world of lies, and we are being manipulated every day. Why? Because the goal of manipulating narratives or messages is to control how we think. There is a battle for our minds, for how we think. The fierceness of political unrest in the world is evidence that this is a serious battle, whether you believe it or not, and whether you engage in it or not.
How does deception take place? We know pride makes us susceptible. But how does manipulated information reach our minds? How does the poison of deception get into our thoughts? How are bad ideas communicated?
Language like programming code is the means of conveying ideas and instructions to achieve specific outcomes. Like computers, humanity communicates and validates information and ideas with language. If machines can be more persuasive in the way they communicate, they can be used to manipulate a message to sound more credible than the truth. With computer technology, we have come to a point in our culture where machines can be used to deceive us better than people can deceive us.

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10:34 Manipulating The Message
15:37 Avoiding The Danger Of Deception
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Date Aug 27, 2023
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Bible Text 1 Chronicles 12:32; Hebrews 3:13
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