Worry And The Will Of God

Worry or anxiety is a wile of the devil because it can leave the worrier paralyzed. The perfectionist worries when he cannot control the outcome of everything. Fear of the future makes self-discipline impossible and leads to worry as the devil uses our imaginations against us. The solution, according to Christ, is to "take no thought" for the morrow. That does not mean do not plan, but simply do not worry about it.
Many Christians worry, or fear the future, because they have an unhealthy or incorrect view of God's guidance. The guidance that Christians should seek arises from knowing God's purpose for our lives, setting priorities in accordance with that purpose, planning and praying to meet the purpose by means of the priorities, persevering even in the face of difficulty, and speaking to ourselves and others concerning what God would have us do in the future.

Aug 26, 2007
Sunday - AM
Ephesians 6:10-13; Luke 21:34-36
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