Job 8-11 The Suffering Servant


The overriding message of Job is to show that, even in the midst of suffering, a person who loves God can still remain faithful. Job and his wife have lost all of their worldly possessions. Their ten children have been killed in a tornado. Job's wife's faith has been shattered and she thinks Job should just curse God and die. Now Job's three buddies have come to him and think there is no way something this bad could happen unless you have done something terrible to cause it. Yet, Job knows (and so does the reader) that Job hasn't done anything to cause this calamity. He is at a loss because it is hard to believe this was simply something God allowed to happen. At the root of the Book of Job is a mistaken belief that God unilaterally blesses people who are good and suffering and calamity would never happen to someone who is innocent. Of course the greatest example of innocent suffering is Jesus, the suffering servant, who was reviled and suffered in spite of his innocence. This was predicted in Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 and we look at each prophecy in detail in this session.

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Date Aug 25, 2023
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Bible Text Isaiah 53; Job 8-11
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