The Light Will Bring You In or Drive You Out!


JESUS OUR LORD is "the Light of the world," and they who don't hear from Him are walking in eternal darkness.

But if we preach the sovereignty of God in the giving of His salvation, we also do preach the responsibility of man as to what he will do with the truth when he hears it. THE TRUTH IS DANGEROUS — especially if you deal with it in a half-hearted, haphazard manner.

The truth can bring you into God's great salvation — but far too many have heard the Gospel and dilly-dallyed around with it for a while, then rejected the truth and been driven away into even GREATER DARKNESS than before they heard.

HEARING THIS MESSAGE IS INDEED A SOLEMN OCCASION! Where do you stand, my hearers, in relation to the TRUTH OF GOD? Hear Pastor Stephens here, please! And may God give someone an honest, broken, seeking heart.

Sermon ID 826121117365
Duration 42:30
Date Sep 23, 1984
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text John 3:18-21; John 8:1-19
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