Dedicating God's Gift


This message was given by Pastor Jonathan Stobbs as he continued his evening series in the book of 1 Samuel. What are some of the principles that should be found in a Gospel-ordered home?
God's hand moved upon Hannah's situation and He gave her the desire of her heart. Hannah's reaction is one
of great joy, but she was not lost in the moment, she kept her vow to the Lord with the support of her
husband Elkanah. We live in a day and age when the biblical concept of family has been attacked, and
victimised to such an extent, that godly homes are a very small minority. Hannah and Elkanah were in a
unique situation about to be used by the Lord, and Samuel to hold a unique place in the course of redemptive
history; however, there are some common principles that we can see relating to family life found in these verses. Pastor Stobbs speaks of the importance of these principles and urges a return and defence of true Christian homes.

Aug 10, 2008
Sunday - PM
1 Samuel 1:19-28
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