The Most Powerful Chapter in the Bible

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The Most Powerful Chapter in the Bible. Genesis 3:1-24 This High lights verses 14-15. Sin is to be judged; perfect justice is to be executed. It was true in the beginning with Adam; it will be true with us in the final judgment of all men. This passage covers the first judgment ever pronounced upon earth. The word enmity (ebhah) means hatred, antagonism, hostility. In the Bible it is always used to refer to the enmity between people, not animals. This fact alone, as well as the rest of this part of the judgment, points to the tempter being the devil and not just a serpent.Without this chapter their would be no sin and no salvation.Christ would not go to the cross, for the only reason for Calvary was human sin. This is the seed plot for the whole Bible.It is the first prophecy of the Lord Jesus Christ and was Gods judgment against the serpent and the fall of man.These verses 14-15 speak of the virgin birth, regeneration and salvation through the blood of the substitute and through the faith of man.

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Duration 49:09
Date Aug 23, 2023
Category Midweek Service
Bible Text Genesis 3
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