(26) Of the Communion of the Saints

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The visible church is an institution. This organization has structure. It has leaders, doctrine, and rules for membership. As unpopular as it might be to say, Christianity is a religion (see ch. 25).

But Christianity is also essentially relational. And the religious and relational aspects of the church are not at odds. Within the God-ordained organization of the church is a living organism. Scripture calls the church a body; a living body has intimate connection between its various parts and the head as the command center. The church is a family; in any well-functioning body there is both a form of government and loving communion.

It isn't enough to belong to the organization of the church—to be a member of what the Apostles' Creed calls "the holy catholic church." We must also practice "the communion of saints."

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Duration 39:56
Date Aug 27, 2023
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text 1 John 3:11-18
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