God's Perfect Provision For War part73-Communication with the Commander in Chief


God has designed the perfect armor for you to wear in your conflict with Satan and his angels.As a believer you are in this war and need to always be wearing this wonderful armor so that you will stand firm against the schemes of the devil.

This is a study of the glory that God alone deserves and which will be revealed, without end, forever and ever. Our prayer is that we know His glory more and more, and then by His grace seek to live out or show forth His glory in our lives. Out of the riches of His glory come His most wonderful gifts to us, His vessels of mercy. His glory is powerfully revealed in His glorious gospel, as the gospel makes clear what His character is truly like. Here we continue to look at God's wonderful kindness revealed in giving of salvation through the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ and our responsibility to live out His kindness to those around us by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sermon ID 823231813294177
Duration 38:19
Date Aug 20, 2023
Category Sunday School
Bible Text Ephesians 6:2; John 15:8
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