When Leaders Lead…


When Leaders Lead…

I love this revelation and blessing — "When leaders lead… and the people willingly offer themselves, it compels the people of God — to bless the God of the people" (Judges 5:2).

Lead, my friend, by His hand and heart, let your life and leadership bless the Lord of heaven and earth.

Joshua said: "...this day, you choose whom you will serve...but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD" (Joshua 24:15).

YESTERDAY'S triumph — cannot REPLACE — hearing a FRESH WORD — for TODAYS victories.

I've been reading about a Hebrew king that found himself in a very tight fix... and his response is a must read.

King Jehoshaphat woke up one morning and he had three armies within twenty five miles of his city, and in the heart of his country, planning their attack on his life and his people.

When the sudden bad news came, the flesh did what it does best... and he feared what he heard. But because he was a man of God, who feared the Lord, and therefore, the Lord was his confidence (Proverbs 3:25-26), he immediately sought the face of God and with urgency he proclaimed a fast for himself and all of his kingdom.

Then the king went publicly before God, with all his people, and pleaded with the Lord, and admitted (1) that they were powerless, (2) they didn't know what to do next, (3) but their EYES were fixed upon the Lord and they were looking and listening for His answer. And God spoke... GLORY.

YESTERDAY'S triumph — cannot REPLACE — hearing a FRESH WORD — for TODAYS victories.

I encourage you to go read about his encounter with fear, the steps he took and God's timely answer (2 Chronicles 20). I imagine it will bless your socks off!!! And no different

Aug 2, 2022
Sunday - AM
Judges 5; Psalm 83
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