Considering Well

69 ( 40 | 29 )

We are told to consider, to think deeply and clearly. It is one of four times here in this letter we are told this. The idea here is used to urge us "diligently to behold," "contemplate on," or "to look into" the things proposed… The writer is returning to his original theme, the superiority of Christ over all else; but I want to pause today to think about thinking. To consider consideration. For deep and disciplined thought has become foreign to our age, when parroting the rote arguments of the elite suffices for most, and any argument or even discourse will get you cancelled. Scripture calls us to approach knowledge differently. God invites us, commands us to think, to reason, to consider…

Sermon ID 82123356442605
Duration 1:01:04
Date Aug 20, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Hebrews 7:4-5
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