Faith that's Godly (How Faith Behaves), Part Two: the Days of Noah


The Superiority of Believers' Privileges, Heb 10:19-12:29

  1. faith that saves, 10:19-25 (taking action: exhortation)
  2. faith that's disingenuous, 10:26-31 (the road backward: warning)
  3. faith that's full of hope, 10:32-39 (the road forward: encouragement)
  4. faith that's genuine, 11:1-3 (what faith is)
  5. faith that's godly, 11:4-40 (how faith behaves)
  6. faith that perseveres, 12:1-29 (when faith endures)
Sermon ID 821232224241473
Duration 51:35
Date Aug 20, 2023
Category Sunday School
Bible Text Genesis 5-6; Hebrews 11:7
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