Top Priority, says Jesus

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Jesus taught us the top priority – which is to love God, love others – and then Jesus died and rose again to cleanse us for breaking it, and to equip us to keep it more and more.

  1. One more question – this one regarding the most important command. (v.28)
  2. The most important answer about the most important command. (v.29-31)
  3. The surprising response, the inviting verdict, and the silencing of questions. (v.32-34)
    How can we know which things are top priority?
    How did God summarize His law? Deut. 5:1-21 and 6:4-5
    How much are we supposed to love God? 1 John 4:10
    What is top priority to you? Rom. 12:1-2, Phl. 2:3-5
Aug 20, 2023
Sunday - PM
Mark 12:28-34
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