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Set Apart for the Journey Philippians 3:12-21In the midst of our world's uncertainty, God has given us a sure Word. He has called us to be His holy people.Paul did not count himself as having yet attained—he was not yet perfect. Perfection is the great end of the believer.When Christ saved Paul, that was just the beginning, not the end. He had been saved to live for Christ and to serve Christ, and as long as he was on this earth he was going to live for Christ and do all he could to serve Christ. the Lord Jesus Christ shall change the believer's body and fashion or make it just like His glorious body.Our bodies shall be fashioned just like the glorious body of Christ. Imagine! To have a body that is permanent, constant, and unchanging. Our bags are packed. And we're ready to go. Waiting on the return of the Lord, constantly looking. For his return every single day. When we get up, every morning, when we go to bed at night, we're just looking for the Lord's return. Every day, Constantly. And we know that it won't be much longer.

Sermon ID 8202352135621
Duration 53:24
Date Aug 20, 2023
Category Sunday School
Bible Text Philippians 3:12-21
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