What Are You Doing on Earth?: the Truth about Mankind


An international student tried to ask, "What on earth are we doing" and instead asked "What are we doing on earth?" We all need to find an answer to this question. Scripture tells us that our purpose is found in God.
Mankind was created in the image of God. Before the Fall, people were God-centred, taking delight in God, serving Him and enjoying fellowship with Him. This was Heaven on earth. The four main aspects of our life, work, family, recreation and education, were all centred around God.
Sin changed everything and at the Fall, God was replaced by self on the throne. People put themselves first, becoming self-important and pleasing themselves rather than God. After the Fall, bliss became chaos as everyone pursued their own selfish ends and harmony was lost. The whole of human life, with its four aspects, was affected. This sermon looks specifically at work.

Main Headings:

1: Work after the Fall
2: The Christian and work
3: Two specific areas of work

Recorded Aug 15, 2021
Published Aug 18, 2021
Bible Text Ephesians 4:17-32
Event Sunday - AM
Sermon ID 81821818386555
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