Proverbs 15:8 devotional


Proverbs 15:8 devotional. A Delightful voice in prayer. Hearing the voice of someone we love is always a pleasure. I think of the time when I was in Korea, to call home I had to use a Ham radio to call back to Georgia. With the technology available today, communication is instant. Even then, it is a delight to hear from a friend or family member who is far away. Just as we respond to those familiar voices with pleasure, God delights in hearing from His children. Why do we pray? Certainly, it is not to inform God of what we need. He already knows everything about our situation, far better than we could devise, He knows the answer that will be best for us. Prayer is meant in part to remind us of how dependent on God we truly are. The prayers of those who are upright, godly, or righteous are a delight to the Lord. The word "delight" is from the Hebrew word ratsown which means "favor, acceptance, or delight." The Lord likes to hear from us, especially when we are obeying Him and doing His will. Many do not get their prayers answered today because they live a stubborn, sinful, rebellious life that shuts the Lord out of their lives. Then they have the audacity to ask God to solve their problems and clean up their messes when they have repeatedly ignored Him. As believers, we should always do what is right by obeying God's Word, especially in the face of adversity or difficult circumstances. But prayer is not just for our benefit. God enjoys hearing us pray! When we come to Him in faith and make our petitions before His throne of grace, His heart rejoices. He likes hearing our voices. Let us never go long without going to Him in prayer.

Aug 14, 2021
Proverbs 15
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