Psalm 46 - "Sit Down and Be Quiet"


The book of Psalms is a royal hymnbook that instructs us in the law of the Lord and tells us of his anointed king by working to move the truth of God from our heads to our hearts. That we would not just know the truth, but love and treasure it also. Psalm 46 does just that as it is an affirmation of faith that God is a refuge, a fortress for his covenant people. He is our remedy for fear in the midst of a tumultuous world, not just in general hardships, but specifically amidst the nations' rebellion against God and his anointed king. But God is not just our safe haven, the Lord is a warrior who fights for his people and makes peace on the earth by defeating his enemies. And while this psalm reflects upon a time of deliverance for Israel, it anticipates the ultimate deliverance of God's people when our warrior-king Jesus will silence all opposition and establish his rule on the earth.

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Duration 55:29
Date Aug 13, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Psalm 46
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