Yahweh is NOT God's Sacred Name


After beginning this message with the warnings of Jude, Paul, and the Lord Jesus of apostasy and departure from the faith in the last days before Christ's return, including a rebuke of the pre-trib dispensationalists' perversion even of the word "apostasy" in 2 Thes. 2 (whereby they in effect teach the "apostasy" is our "blessed hope"), we then expose and refute the popular error that results from the currently rampant apostasy in changing God's Old Testament name from the Hebrew "Yehovah" (KJV "Jehovah") to the pagan god known as "Yahweh" - for which there is NO textual or scholarly support. The diacritic marks or vowel pointings in the original Masoretic text prove conclusively that "Jehovah" is the correct translation into English.

Sermon ID 814178820
Duration 46:41
Date Jul 30, 2017
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Exodus 6:1-3; Jude 1-4
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