Jesus Encounters Thomas


Who was Thomas?

Might not be a twin

(John 11:14-16) Was Thomas sincere?

Thomas wasn't believing the other disciples
(John 14:4-5)
 Cynical
 Heart of Thomas
 Doubting Thomas

What purpose does this story accomplish in John's larger narrative?
 John 20:8-9 John saw the evidence of Jesus and believed Thomas needed to see to believe
 Mary Magdalene 11-18
 Disciples 19-23
 Thomas 24-29
 All of us 30 -31

We need to take the words of others and believe

We don't get to see the signs

Encountering Emmanuel (20-26)
 Jesus cares about us personally
 Jesus is God incarnate (my Lord and my God)
 "Jesus of the scars" Edward Shillito - To be human is to accumulate scars – Jesus suffered on the
Romans 5:3, 2Cor 12:10, Col 1:24, Heb 10:32-34. We get to share in the suffering. Stop feeling
victimized by our scars its part of being human. God redeems our scars.
 Jesus calls for us to believe in Him even though we have not seen Him (1Peter

How do we apply this
 How has Jesus met you?
 Is Jesus your Lord?
 Is Jesus your God?
 What do your scars make you?
 Do you believe in Jesus?

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Date Aug 13, 2023
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Bible Text John 20:24-29
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