Fifth Century


Fifth Century

The fifth century ushered in providential judgements of God.

  1. The City of Man: its judgement

(1) The City of Man has been under judgement since its inception. (Genesis 4.23-24; Genesis 10.9-10; Daniel 2.37-44).

(2) The Fall of Rome indicated under the first four trumpets. (Revelation 8.7, 8, 10-11).

  1. The City of God: its prospering

(1) From the onset, it was convenient for unspiritual folk to blame Christianity for the emerging catastrophe. (Revelation 6.10).

(2) Augustine's defence in his book The City of God. 2 kingdoms in opposition on earth, the city of Man & the city of God.

(3) The development and characteristics of the kingdom of God, the eternal city. (a) Faith. (Hebrews 11.8-10). (b) Worship. (2 Samuel 5.7, Psalm 122). (c) Spiritual Truth. (John 4.21-24) (d) Atonement. (Isaiah 53.7-8). (e) The Holy Spirit. (John 14.16-17) (Rev 21.1-5).

  1. The City of Rome: its metamorphosis

(1) A star fallen from heaven. (Revelation 9.1-4).

(2) Leo the Great (390-461) formalism and superstition.

(3) Biblical church order. (1 Peter 5.1; Acts 15.6).


The fifth century ushered in centuries of a suffering church witnessing to the suffering Christ. It was not in vain.

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Date Jul 23, 2017
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Bible Text Revelation 9:1-5
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