X Jehovah Witness Speaks #2

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Featured on Aug 16, 2016

Here is class number 2 from one of Dr. Jims students who was a former Jehovah's witness.This is another 2.5 hr. class. We hope the story of the escape from this cult thrills your heart as it did ours. Dr. Phillips gives many scriptures in this class on the person of God and how to deal with Jehovah Witnesses as they come to your door or as you meet them in your everyday life. The Scriptures that Dr. Jim reveals from the Original Greek and Hebrew are a beautiful revelation of the person of God. The students could not wait to get the chance to witness to Jehovah witnesses from the Scriptures. ( And some did the very next day and they were prepared) You may watch all 9 of this set of classes on video or audio at sermonaudio.com/dtw These classes have helped hundreds of Christians deal with Jehovah Witness Cult members as these sincere but lost people knock on their doors during their Saturday door knocking program.

Aug 8, 2007
John 1:14; John 1; John 1:1; John 18
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