[07/09/2023 AM] - "Prayer: The Evidence of Living Faith" - Mark 11:20-25

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In the morning we continue in Mark at 11.20-25. This means we come back to the fig tree which is Israel. What will we learn there? Every text is given to us for our spiritual growth and will be a great blessing to us.

Scripture Reading: Mark 11:20-25
Text: Mark 11.20-25
Message: "Prayer: The Evidence of Living Faith"

Theme: Living faith – what Israel lacked – will be seen in our praying

  1. Peter properly connects the Word to what is seen

  2. Jesus tells the Israel of God to have faith in God

  3. The evidence of such faith is seen in bold praying

  4. The first bold prayer is to forgive others

Jul 9, 2023
Sunday Service
Mark 11:20-25
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