The Coming Great Tribulation Pt 3, Birth Pangs

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Join us as we continue our ongoing study of the great end time events of the wrath of God poured out upon the world. This week we look at the first series of the seven judgment seals which our Lord breaks in Revelation chapter 5-6. We discuss these horsemen in light of Jesus' prophecy during the Olivet Discourse.
The ongoing question that you must ask is are we preparing to enter into the Great Tribulation and the day of vengeance? What is the Great tribulation and when will it happen? What are our hope and joy if we are to undergo such a time of persecution? What about Israel and all the prophecies of the restoration of Israel in the Old Testament, have those happened already, or are they yet future events? Join us in this introductory lesson as we begin to unpack and seek to answer questions about the Great Tribulation.

Jul 4, 2021
Sunday Service
Luke 21:7-26; Revelation 5:5
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