Priest Eternal

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The eternal nature of Christ gives Him a power and authority that no other can ever hope to equal. The truth of the matter is that all other authorities are false. Any other who claims to have access to God is lying - to themselves and to their followers. Only Jesus Christ can bring us to God, for He alone is the way unto the Father.
The simple truth that flows then out of that idea is that we must relate to God through Him, or we do not relate to God at all. You do not have the divine inside you that will allow you to find a new path to God. No other prophet or priest will ever be able to teach you an alternate road to find peace with God. It is only through Jesus that peace with God exists.
This is the result of His priesthood and is the glory that belongs to Him alone. He will not share it with another.

Sermon ID 7312344932991
Duration 57:44
Date Jul 30, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Hebrews 7:1-3
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