God's Message to the World

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Pastor Pete preaches God's message to the the world and to the individual of repent or perish,and teaches the doctrines found in Jeremiah.
1.Picture of the Gospel
2.Picture pf particular redemption
3.The total depravity of man
4.Holy Spirit conviction
5.Picture of the Lord Jesus Christ
6.Picture of the Christian life
7.World conditions

It sounds like the end of the sermon is cut off but it is the whole sermon,. the last few words were a call to prayer but were muffled on the cassette so I just cut it off there. This is a sermon I want all my loved ones to hear. May it bless all those that hear it and bring glory to the Lord.

Sermon ID 72611134699
Duration 41:46
Date Jun 19, 2011
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Jeremiah 38:1; John 3:18
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