Roman Catholic Eucharist Exposed as a Lie by Early Historical Evidence.

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2:24 - Presentation begins with introduction of Rob Zins, Th.M, Dallas Theological Seminary (website: http://www.CWRC-RZ.ORG ). Rob is author of "On the Edge of Apostasy," "Romanism," & other works. 6:02 - Roman Catholics & "Evangelicals" kiss each others feet. 7:16 - Introduction of Timothy Kauffman, former Roman Catholic, blog site at http://www.whitehorseblog.com/author/... ) & his books: "Quite Contrary: Apparitions of Mary," "Graven Bread: The Papacy, ..." & "Geese in Their Hoods: Selected by Charles Haddon Spurgeon." His books can be found at Rob Zins' (Th.M Dallas Theological Seminary) website: http://www.CWRC-RZ.ORG & at AMAZON.COM.

18:22 - Tim's White Horse Blog site based on Revelation 19:11-16 features an article called "The Collapse of the Eucharist." For more on this see his series at https://www.whitehorseblog.com/?s=col... .

19:54 - Tim describes his considerable research into Early Church history & the writings of the Early Church fathers which led to his research series entitled "The Collapse of the Eucharist." How do Roman Catholics justify their tradition of the Eucharist? Roman Catholics say it is justified by Early Christian history & tradition going back to the apostles. Catholic apologists declared the "Eucharistic Challenge" daring anyone to go back into Early Christian Church history & prove that the Roman Catholic church does not practice the "Eucharistic Sacrifice" the same as the Early Church & apostles. Thus Timothy Kauffman took them up on their "challenge." By the way Christian Answers has an entire playlist called "Dealing with Anti Trinitarians (UPC) & Early Church History" with 87 videos.

Jul 25, 2023
Hebrews 13:15-16; Philippians 4:18
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