The Perils of Procrastination

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The Cambridge Dictionary gives a definition of Procrastination.
Procrastination according to the Cambridge Dictionary is: The act of delaying something that must be done.

Are you a Procrastinator or are you the opposite?

In Acts 22 Paul gives his testimony to the Jews at Jerusalem and reveals to a Roman Centurion that Paul Himself is a Roman (Acts 22.25).

In Acts 23 more than 40 Jewish men make a vow to kill Paul and the Romans give Paul an armoured guard of 470 trained Roman soldiers to escort Paul out of Jerusalem.

Paul was also provided with horses to safely take him to Felix the Roman Governor in Caesarea.

Now in Acts Chapter 24 Paul gets to witness to the Roman Governor Felix and his wife Drusilla.

A. T. Robertson states of Felix, 'He was one of the most depraved men of his time'. Another commentator stated about Felix that 'his court reeked with blood and debauchery.'

Felix and Drusilla were in an unlawful relationship. Felix was an evil man and Drusilla came from an evil dysfunctional Royal Family.

Now when you read Acts 24 Felix wanted money from Paul but he got something far more valuable than money from Paul.

Felix got a message from Paul. He got the most important message anyone can receive and it was a message about faith in Jesus Christ.

Paul's message to Felix made Felix the sin hardened Roman Governor tremble before Paul.

God brought the greatest missionary living at the time of Felix right into Felix's presence, yet Felix procrastinated.

We never hear again of Felix in the Bible after Acts 25 and more than likely he and his wife went off to a Christless eternity.

Jul 23, 2023
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Acts 24
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