Church History Class #2 on Video I Identifying A True Church

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This is class #2 from an earlier Church history Class set from January 2001. You may watch this complete set of classes on video at discovertheword.com under the video directory. This video class is part of an set of 16 abbreviated classes on church history. During this set of classes you will hear comments by several of the leading pastors of Valley Baptist Church and their wives that were attending the classes on Church History taught by Dr. Jim. There is a lot more info. in the 26 class set of church history classes but this one is on video for those who like video as they learn. The last set of 26 classes that Dr. Jim taught in 2006 and 2007 were not recorded on video because of lack of funds to do so. You may watch this abbreviated set of Church History classes on video at discoverthetheword.com, and discoverthewordwitdrjim.com

Jan 29, 2001
Sunday - PM
Matthew 4:1
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