Grace with Two Mites

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Grace with Two Mites. Luke 21:1-4Jesus begins the day at the temple, before he went to the cross. Jesus was watching those who gave in the Temple. He was watching the greatest blessings of a little widow woman that gave all that she had the grace of two mites.He observed the rich man that gave a lot of money made a lot of noise and drew a lot of attention but not one of them gave all that they had.We're not redeemed by giving. We're redeemed by Jesus given of his blood on Calvary. Your destiny is resting in Jesus Christ if you have been saved you have been purchased by the blood of Christ that makes giving that much more wonderful you don't have to gain favor with God you give because you already have favor with God. Once we're saved, however it should be our great desire to give to God. A joyful giver is one we can all learn from. Grace with two mites is about a wonderful widow woman who has almost nothing, but she was so glad to give what she could to the Lord. She wanted to have a party in God's service we can learn that we all have an opportunity to show appreciation to our Lord through sacrificial giving. May we learn from her to worship God with pure hearts by giving of ourselves to the lord.

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Duration 33:17
Date Jul 23, 2023
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text Luke 21:1-4
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