When Your Prayers Get Wet


This is an individual lament psalm, as compared with a community lament. It is also regarded as a penitential psalm (cf. 32, 38, 51, 102, 130, 143), in light of the implied sin that is acknowledged. Some denominations sing this psalm during Lent.

"Here we have something akin to the following: I am hurting; You are not helping; they are winning." (Ronald Allen)

  1. The superscription:
    a) To the music director.
    b) With stringed instruments, upon Sheminith/eighth.
    c) A Psalm of David.
  2. David prays to Yahweh concerning David's suffering—6:1-5
  3. David describes his emotional response to his situation—6:6-7
  4. David talks to his enemies—6:8-10
  5. Things for us to remember:
    a) Remember, not all physical illness or social affliction is because of our sin.
    b) Like David, we must cling in faith to God's covenant. He will do as He promised.
    c) Like Jesus, we may pray in tearful faith—Heb. 5:7
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Duration 36:14
Date Jul 22, 2018
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Psalm 6
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