[07/02/2023 AM] - "Fiery Zeal For God's House" - Mark 11:15-19

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For the morning sermon we continue in Mark at 11.15-19. The zeal of the perfect High Priest for the holiness of God's house will be on full display - but how does that help the church today? Please come Sunday morning for a very rich and full text Sunday morning.

Scripture Reading: Mark 11:15-19
Text: Mark 11.15-19
Message: "Fiery Zeal For God's House"

Theme: The High Priest zealously restores the temple to salvation use

  1. Context: Passover is at hand

  2. Jesus' zeal as High Priest is the sanctity of God's house

  3. Two Old Testament texts provide the teaching

  4. This temple restoration will cost Jesus His life

Jul 2, 2023
Sunday - AM
Mark 11:15-19; Mark 11
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