David is Designated to Replace Saul


This chapter is a transition from a focus on Saul to David, on whom it will continue throughout the rest of the book.

This chapter gives a strong argument for the sovereignty of God and the accomplishing of His plans and purposes.

In the first part of the chapter David is anointed by Samuel, having been chosen by God as the man who would be king. In the later part, David is chosen by Saul to be one of his servants - that too all in the plans and purposes of God.

Lessons from this study include:

  1. Past discouragement must not hinder our service to the Lord.
  2. God's plans do not depend on man.
  3. Sometimes the greatest grief comes before blessings.
  4. God's choices are always best.
  5. Obedience makes us effective in service to the Lord.
  6. God's looks at the heart, not at outward appearance.
  7. God chooses His servants.
  8. God empowers the servants He chooses.
  9. God controls all things - even the demons.
  10. God uses men to accomplish His work.
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Duration 56:13
Date May 13, 2007
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text 1 Samuel 16
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