CHO-02 - Seeking to Make Grace Prompted Obedient Responses Like Noah

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I would like to introduce the great Biblical doctrine of God's grace this morning. To do so, we need to look and see the context in God's Word for the very first time God uses the word "grace" in the entire Bible. Do you know when God first explains His grace to us? It is at the very darkest days of the history of this world.

As we open to Genesis 6, we are opening to the most evil time of human history, from God's perspective. God who sees all things, and who can never lie, said that in the times of Genesis 6: every intent and every thought of humanity was only evil constantly.

The chapter before us describes the time when it was the hardest time to seek, follow, or obey God. So, we are opening to the very darkest moment in Earth's history until the final, demon-induced darkness of the great tribulation at the end of days. But, even in this dark chapter of the Bible, we always find that grace shines brightest in the darkest times.

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Duration 37:13
Date Jul 15, 2012
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Genesis 6
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