Spiritual Gifts: One Body

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In 1 Corin.12:1-11 the Holy Spirit was distributing spiritual gifts to the church, now we see Him uniting the church. He took the many members and BAPTIZED them into one body. Paul used the example of the human body to explain the spiritual body of the church. His explanation revealed two ways that the Holy Spirit was involved: (1) "Baptism" is the identification of each member with the whole (connected in their position); and (2) "Drinking" is the irrigation of each member with the indwelling Holy Spirit (united in their practice). This relationship brought BALANCE to the body - an association that eliminated its divisions and appreciated its distinctions. God gave out assignments - His authority avoided atrocities. The Holy Spirit created the perfect BLEND of body interdependence (all parts critical), each being indispensable (all parts essential), and interconnected (all parts cared for).

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Duration 1:08:27
Date Jul 18, 2021
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text 1 Corinthians 12:12-26
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