Fourth Century Church


Fourth Century

Contributory factors to the ceasing of imperial persecution and Christianity supplanting paganism in the fourth century.

I. The triumph of God's power

A. The sealing (Revelation 7.1-3) & God's protection of his church.

B. God’s triumph before the battle of Milvian bridge (A.D. 312).

C. The triumph of God's power in his providential care of his Church

II. The triumph regarding the doctrine of Christ's person

A. The two natures in one person (John 1.1, 14; 20. 28; 13b).

B. The Council of Nicea (325) upheld Christ's eternal dignity.

C. The faithfulness of Athanasius (Hebrews 1.1-8)

III. The triumph concerning God's grace

A. This triumph is throughout Revelation (1.4-6; 5.8-10; 22.21).

B. Augustine's defence of sovereign grace.


The importance of sola scriptural ('scripture alone'). See John 5.39, Romans 1.1-3 and Acts 17.11.

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Date Jul 16, 2017
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