The War on Biblical Womanhood


Since the beginning in the rise of feminism, there is an ongoing war against biblical womanhood. This war is an active ongoing battle that many are numb to the philosophical poisoning it is doing to women, both young and old. This war has indoctrinated our entire culture that what the Bible clearly outlines for women is offensive and deemed hateful. However, what the Bible teaches us about women is the exact opposite. Proverbs 31 demonstrates the biblical ideal that women should be striving for. In this sermon, Dr. Jago unpacks each of these verses and demonstrates what the Bible says regarding women, their roles, and how it functions within the life of the family and inside the church. Many have opinions or views on what a woman is. However, it is not a biblical view, nor does it have biblical backing. Listen to the message as the Word of God is unleashed to help us all deconstruct the cultural influence on what a woman is and rebuild our understanding of the Word of God.

Sermon ID 717232127187638
Duration 1:23:07
Date Jul 16, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Proverbs 31:10-31
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