[07/16/2023 AM] - "The King 'Outs' the Sanhedrin" - Mark 11:27-33

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We gather for morning worship at 9:30 to praise our God through song, giving, prayer, and the preaching of His Word. Mark 11.27-33 will present to us Jesus the King of Kings and official delegates of the Sanhedrin (Jewish religious leadership council) challenging His authority. Those Sanhedrin members believed tradition granted them the authority to "put Him in His place." We need to assess these issues and our own view of tradition, among other things.

Scripture Reading: Mark 11:27-33
Text: Mark 11.27-33
Message: "The King 'Outs' the Sanhedrin"

Theme: The Lord causes a confrontation to reveal the lies of the "leaders"

  1. Jesus has perfectly placed Himself to force the confrontation

  2. The Sanhedrin delegates believe they have the power to control Him

  3. The King commands the Sanhedrin to make a pronouncement about John's authority

  4. These fearful men won't tell the truth – it would cost too much

Jul 16, 2023
Sunday - AM
Mark 11:27-33; Mark 11
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